Managed guest Wi-Fi solutions to make the guest experience even better

The hospitality sector has requirements unlike any other sector. At NetSpeed we fully understand that providing a secure and reliable Wi-Fi solution to your guests is integral to delivering an excellent experience.

From high-density conference environments and seamless in-room entertainment experiences to admin and management IT networks, NetSpeed delivers and supports managed Hospitality Wi-Fi solutions to multiple hotels and over 5000 guest bedrooms and meeting rooms across Ireland and the UK. Our extensive knowledge and expertise means we’re completely tuned in to the hospitality sector and its unique IT needs.

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NetSpeed Hospitality Wi-Fi Solutions

NetSpeed’s managed end-to-end Wi-Fi solutions are built to suit the most demanding environments. Features include:

  • Bandwidth Management
  • Branded Captive Portal
  • Home Page Redirect
  • GDPR compliant usage data
  • Monthly Reporting
  • A single infrastructure for multiple services
  • Up to and beyond Gigabit performance